SeeLumaTM promises to transform the way ophthalmic surgery is performed. Its innovative digital and 3D technology have set new standards in surgical precision and are empowering healthcare professionals to deliver the best outcomes for their patients.

The world’s first digital binoculars, intuitive user interfaces, and a design that allows surgeons to look straight at a heads-up monitor without having to twist their neck, make SeeLumaTM a game-changer in ophthalmic surgery.

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Your health is our priority

Digital microscopy was supposed to solve the real ergonomics problem that exists in ophthalmic surgery, namely the ability to sit straight without exerting strain on the surgeon’s neck and back. In reality, other digital microscopes force you to operate while looking sideways at a monitor to perform surgery.

SeeLumaTM addresses this challenge with its C-shaped suspension arm, which enables surgeons to view the 55” and 31“ 3D 4K monitor straight ahead of them. The fully digital binoculars can be positioned freely, allowing you to take on an ergonomic posture and work with greater ease.


Picture a brighter future for your patients

SeeLumaTM is the result of decades of experience in the fields of visualization and diagnostic imaging, offering unparalleled image quality.

Premium image quality
SeeLumaTM‘s color reproduction, contrast, and resolution, along with a 9x depth of field enhancer, enable surgeons to confidently tackle complicated surgical cases, with cinematographic-quality visualization.

Complete control of imaging data
SeeLumaTM provides complete control over all imaging data, with advanced digital tools to highlight anatomical structures, display useful digital markers, and enable machine learning applications.

Multiple ways to observe and perform surgery
In addition to the 55” and stand-mounted 31” 3D 4K monitors, SeeLumaTM offers surgeons unique fully digital binoculars with all the advantages of monitor-based 3D surgery, including enhanced depth of field, lower illumination levels than in optical systems and the ability to use AssistMode.

With high image quality across depth of field, color reproduction, contrast, and resolution, we provide the tools to tackle even the most complex ophthalmic surgeries.

Experience optimised depth of field and image quality through the digital binoculars

Tackle complicated surgical cases with a heads-up 4K 55“ monitor

Heads-up surgery with a space-saving 4K 31“ monitor

Compared to traditional optical or hybrid platforms, this fully digital visualization platform delivers enhanced intraoperative accuracy and full control, all at your fingertips.

The touchscreen user interface allows for an optimal workflow and intuitive control by the surgical team.

The integrated BIOM® 5 is highly valued by surgeons due to its ease of handling. It can be fully controlled by the microscope footswitch

Intraoperative access to system functionality for the surgeon via the footswitch and an on-screen menu


Your ultimate surgical companion

Whether controlled by nurses on the e-rack or by the operating surgeon using the footswitch, SeeLumaTM provides a fully integrated system that enables seamless control of system parameters, ensuring an optimized workflow.

Take advantage of optimized workflows; the OCULUS BIOM 5c works harmoniously with SeeLumaTM, automatically adapting parameters such as zoom, focus speed, white balance, image inversion, and footswitch layouts, allowing you to continue surgery without interruptions.

Surgery can be recorded in full 3D 4K resolution and processed in the integrated video editor, prior to being exported.

Teaching And Education

Lighting the way

The ideal classroom assistant, SeeLumaTM transforms the surgical experience inside and outside of the OR by creating an immersive surgical environment.

Surgeons can connect multiple wireless displays simultaneously, allowing trainees and stakeholders to follow and anticipate surgical steps as they occur, in-person and remotely.

Offering real-time support via a touch screen interface, the Assist Mode feature allows users to make annotations or notes on the surgical image, enabling cutting-edge collaboration during live surgery.

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